Should I Provide Other Pet or House Sitting Services?

Pet sitter with dog

When you’ve been pet sitting for any length of time there will be certain questions that you’ll need to address. These questions won’t necessarily involve pet care. Pet owners may ask you to provide some services that you don’t normally provide.

How do you tackle the issue of providing additional services? Should you say no? And what happens when they don’t want to pay you more?

Stay Clear & Concise in Your Pet Contract

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It’s important to keep communication open when you are messaging back and forth. You want to outline all of your services in a concise and clear manner. Will you wash the dog and cat food dishes on a daily basis? Yes! But you won’t unload the dishwasher or do the human’s dishes for them.

Sometimes Flexibility is Required

Sometimes pets can be messy. This may involve the puppy peeing on the floor, or the cat pooping outside the litter box. It’s not something that you want to just leave there for their owners to clean up when they return home. The smart pet sitter factors this into their pricing. It actually doesn’t take that long to clean up a mess from the floor.

Sometimes cats vomit up their food or a hairball. You’ll want to clean this up too. Yes, do feel free to sweep up pet litter that’s gotten all over the bathroom floor, but there is no need to vacuum cat fur out of all the furniture.

Sometimes the dog or cat will fall asleep on your lap and you’ll be happy to spend an extra five minutes with them.

Not Pet-Related or in the Contract, Don’t Do It

It can be tempting to want to vacuum or clean a dirty home but don’t do it. Most people are particular about their belongings, and they don’t want things touched or moved around. Keep your services directly related to the dogs or cats you are pet sitting, and what is in your contract with them.

In the end, it’s up to you whether you want to include additional fees for additional services that may not be related to pets. Stay firm with clients who want you to clean their homes or go shopping. You’re there to spend one-on-one time with their pets, not to clean their homes and any additional pet-related services will require an extra fee. You may wish to have your base hourly fee, a minimum charge (one hour), and then add-ons for additional services when required.

Don’t be afraid to turn down a pet sitting gig if you feel it’s not right for you, or if someone is making you feel bad over your services or fees. There are thousands of other pet owners in your city who are in need of your amazing pet services.

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