No Excuses: How You and Your Pup Can Stay Fit on the Road

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Many of us find excuses not to exercise. We convince ourselves that we’re just too busy or too tired to get the physical activity we need to stay fit and healthy. Even the most hardcore workout enthusiast takes a day off now and then. It can be especially hard for people who travel frequently, for business or pleasure. They have timetables to follow, meetings to attend, and sights to see, all of which, admittedly, may leave little time for a good workout. Traveling can be a built-in excuse not to exercise.

If you’re a frequent traveler, you can take the easy route and convince yourself that it’s okay to skip your workout while you’re on the road, or you can find ways to work in the physical activity you need to maintain a healthy weight, keep your blood pressure down, and feel good about yourself. Most people, whether they travel or not, lead busy lives and struggle to find opportunities to exercise regularly. It’s a common problem. Fortunately, there are many ways to maintain a healthy routine no matter what line of work you’re in and what kind of lifestyle you lead.

A workout companion

One good way to stay active while traveling is to exercise with someone. If you like to travel with your dog, you actually have a built-in reason for exercising. Whether he’s cooped up in a car for hours at a stretch or locked in a hotel room while you’re working, your pet needs to be walked, which is the perfect time to join him for a run. It’s good exercise for both of you and gives you a chance to spend some time together. That’s important for pets who are forced to spend a lot of time alone. If you prefer to take your dog for a run in an unfenced area, be sure to keep him on a long leash (15 feet long, for example) to protect him from injury and prevent him from running away, a bad scenario if you’re in an unfamiliar place. Hiking trails and agility courses are also great ways for you and your pet to stay fit together. Spending time with a dog is also beneficial to people who are in addiction recovery.

Eating right

Traveling doesn’t mean you have to settle for unhealthy meals and fast food just to maintain your schedule. While you’re away, start your days with a hearty, healthy breakfast that includes protein, some dairy, and fruit. It’ll keep your energy level up and give your body something to burn so you can stay active. Do likewise for your dog with nutritional dog food (ask your vet what’s best), and avoid giving him scraps of your food, which can make him feel run down and defeats the purpose of regular exercise. If you’re traveling by car, do a little research and look for dog-friendly restaurants along your route. You might also plan a couple of picnics along the way, but make sure wherever you choose to stop allows dogs.


Drink plenty of water throughout the day. It’s essential for proper cell, tissue, and organ functioning for you and your dog. Water also carries nutrients throughout the body, flushes out toxins, and helps facilitate weight loss. If you like to drink plenty of water, consider getting a self-filtering water bottle to make it easier than having to keep buying bottled water.

Visit the grocery

People also use travel as an excuse to eat unhealthy food. As long as there’s a grocery near where you’re staying, it’s just as easy to pick up a few items there as it is to get a burger and fries for dinner every day. You’ll feel a lot better about yourself, and you’ll avoid packing on the pounds. Make a point to pick up some eggs, oatmeal, yogurt, fruit, and tea.

Staying fit and trim when you’re traveling can seem like a major inconvenience. It’s easy enough as long as you plan ahead and make a little time for yourself. If you’re traveling with your dog, do both of you a favor by making time to get in some exercise.

Image from Pexels