How to Choose the Right Pet Type for You

Yellow Lovebird

If you’ve had pets since childhood then most likely you already know if a dog or a cat will best suit your personality. Some people prefer smaller pets, such as rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, snakes, or fish. But many people balk when they see all the wonderful pets at the local animal rescue center – there are so many, but you can only adopt one or two!

Here are a few ways to help you narrow down the pets to the best one for you.

How Does the Pet React to You?

There’s no point in adopting that big fluffy cat if they ignore you. Instead, have a look around the room. Is there a particular dog or cat who is staring at you? Do any reach their paws out to touch you? This means putting aside your expectations and letting a pet choose you first, rather than you choosing one based on breed, coat color or size.

What Are Your Expectations?

If you plan on adopting a small pet, do you want one that likes to be picked up and cuddled? Some of the smaller animals may be hesitant at first. They may or may not warm up to your touch. But you may be able to find a bird that is comfortable sitting on your hand or your shoulder. Or, you may be happy having your lizard roam around their aquarium or run around the floor, without expectations of holding them for longer than transferring them between locations.

How Much Time Do You Have?

If you’re away from home all the time, a pet may not be right for you at this point in time. But if you have a regular Monday to Friday job, 9 to 5, then you’ll still have plenty of evening and weekend fun for your pets. But there are still some very clingy dogs and cats who may experience separation anxiety. They need plenty of care and reassurance. And you can also find the perfect pet sitter through Simple Puppy so they can be checked on halfway through the working day.

Do You Wish to Adopt a Special Needs Pet?

Today, more and more pet lovers are willing to adopt an aging pet or one with special needs. This means giving medications, cleaning or bathing the pet a couple times a day, and having to deal with toilet issues. But it can also be highly rewarding providing extra care to your pet. And you can also find a good veterinarian through Simple Puppy, and a good pet caregiver for those times when you need a break away from home.

Take Time Before Adopting Your New Pet

Adopting a pet can be as difficult as adopting a human child – you don’t want to rush the process. You want to be certain that your new dog, cat, bird, bunny, etc. is the right one for you. Some people impulse adopt and it’s the right decision, while others spend weeks to find the perfect pet. But it’s also wonderful when it’s the pet who picks you first.