What Does a Pet Sitter Do? Becoming a Professional Pet Sitter on Simple Puppy

Sitting a dog

If you love pets, then being a professional pet sitter may be the right career choice for you. Too many people are stuck at office or retail jobs they don’t enjoy. Why not work with clients you love, all while getting active and enjoying fresh air at the same time? Let’s examine how to become a professional pet sitter so you can decide for yourself.

What does a pet sitter do?

Learning how to become a professional pet sitter is more than hanging out with pets. It involves a specific list of duties. Pet sitter duties can comprise only one hour a day, or for extended weeks when the owners are away on vacation or work-related trips.

Your pet sitter duties will include feeding and providing fresh water for the pet. This may also include enforcing training and giving treats. You’ll ensure that the pet receives plenty of attention and is well-exercised. If a pet requires medications or supplements, you’ll be able to carefully follow dosing instructions and proper way of administration—oral, topical, or injection.

You’ll also need to do basic brushing or grooming if the dog has immediate issues, and you’ll need to dispose of pet waste hygienically.

When learning how to become a pet sitter, your main focus is to ensure that the pet is happy and healthy when their owner is away, so that doggy stress is minimized.

Sitter petting a cat
Sitter petting a cat. Image from Unsplash

How to Become a Pet Sitter?

Do some research to find out if there are specific requirements in your city to become a pet sitter. You can also join Simple Puppy where you can advertise your services. It’s not required to sign-up but you can get more pet sitting requests if you have a license, training certification, or insurance.

If you’re considering becoming a pet sitter, begin by asking friends if you can look after their puppies or dogs for an hour a day. This will give you a feel for the occupation. Some people may cringe at having to clean up after a pet, but then soon realize that it’s no worse than scrubbing out your own toilet. The benefits of pet sitting far outweigh those occasional inconveniences.

Pet setting your friend’s dogs will also help you to figure out what to do when problems arise. Can you confidently give commands so that your doggy client obeys? What do you do if the dog runs away and won’t come back?

Joining Simple Puppy

Once you’ve decided that you’d love to be a professional pet sitter, and have what it takes to deal with all sorts of doggy problems, check and find out what types of licenses and certifications you need. While you can pet sit without them, you’ll be able to get more clients and charge higher prices when you are fully qualified as a professional pet sitter.

Simple Puppy makes it easier for you to realize your dreams of becoming a pet sitter by connecting you with thousands of pet parents looking for responsible pet lovers like you. What are you waiting for?

Featured image from Unsplash