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If you love to walk, and you love dogs, you’ll want to research how to become a professional dog walker. There are many sites and apps that help make it simple to provide your services to busy pet parents who need help. Best of all, you can make some extra cash doing what you love best—getting exercise with your favorite type of friend!

Here are a few guidelines to help you get started.

Start Dog Walking for Fun

Ask your friends or neighbors if they’d like their dog walked during the week. This will give you an idea if you actually enjoy doing it. Dogs can be unpredictable. You’ll learn how to handle multiple dogs during a walk. What happens if they don’t get along? You’ll figure out how many you can handle on the leash, and whether you can manage to pick up their waste along the way.

You should also consider what size of dogs you can handle. If you’re a small person it can be difficult to control a bigger dog who’s straining against the leash.

Scope Out Your City

If you plan on providing professional dog walking services then it’s essential that you have a dog-friendly park or two within walking distance. If there’s a fenced-in dog park where you can let the pooches run free, that’s even better. You may also consider the route to get there. If you’re surrounded by busy highways, the dogs may be frightened of the traffic.

If you have a car, are you willing to drive all the dogs to the nearest park if there isn’t one within walking distance? Do you have crates or carriers so the dogs can be secured? Pet parents will feel confident knowing that you’ve got it covered.

Obtain Licenses & Certifications

If you’re planning on being a professional dog walker then your clients want to know that you have all the necessary papers. These can include licenses and certifications to say that you have passed a criminal record check and that you’re licensed and bondable. If it’s your own dog walking company then you’ll need to obtain insurance, just in case a dog gets away from you and is injured.

Join Simple Puppy

Simple Puppy is a professional dog walking app that connects pet parents and dog walkers together. You can benefit from joining us rather than starting your own business. For one, the marketing has already been done for you. Our website and app can line you up with others in your city who are in need of dog walking services.

SimplePuppy will also cover certain essentials so you don’t have to obtain this on your own. We’ll also screen you as a candidate, making the process a lot simpler.

Are You Ready to Be a Simple Puppy Professional Dog Walker?

If you’re interested in learning more about what’s involved in this new career choice, please visit our site.

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