How Can I Stop My Pet from Waking Me Up in the Middle of the Night?

Dog in bed

This can be a problem experienced by both dog and cat lovers – your beloved pet meows, barks, or jumps on the bed in the middle of the night to wake you up. You give them attention, then they go back to their pet bed. The next night, they do it again. Soon you’ll realize that it’s you who’s being trained!

Here are a few ways to get them to stop so you can get a good night’s rest.

1. Prepare food dishes in advance.

Once your pet is hungry there is no going back. You have to get up in the middle of the night to feed them. Ensure your pet is fed their wet food right before bedtime. Have crunchies in a separate bowl ready to go. If your pet gobbles up all the food, you may wish to invest in a pre-programmable pet food dispenser that will feed them at their desired time.

2. Is something waking them up?

Does your neighbor get up at 4 am to go to work? If so, their noise may be waking up your pets. Consider moving your pet bed to a quieter location in your home. It’s also possible that you are being woken up by your neighbors. Your pets can detect when your breathing has changed and they’ll rush into the bedroom to greet you.

3. Ignore them.

If you truly believe that your pets only want to be pet or cuddled in the middle of the early morning then it may be time to ignore them. It may take a few days, but soon your pet will get the hint. You may even have to close your bedroom door to keep your pets out.

4. Use commands.

Do you use certain commands to get your dog to stop excessive barking during the daytime, such as no, off, or stop? This may be the time to do them. It will also help to enforce their training.

5. Stick to the same routine.

If you feed your pets at 5 am one day, then 8 am another, they can get confused. Your pet will definitely opt for that 5 am feeding time, even if it’s a long weekend or you’re on vacation. Try to stick to the same routine each day, even if someone else in the family has to become responsible for feeding them. Some people like to feed their pets their main meal in the evening, and then leave out crunchies for them to eat in the morning. Or, you can also set up the pre-programmed pet food dispenser too.

It’s best to correct your dog’s or cat’s behavior as soon as they start being an annoyance early in the morning. The sooner you do so, the happier you and your pet will be! But if you have any difficulties, consider finding a professional dog trainer on Simple Puppy who will have some great advice for you!

Featured image from Unsplash