Holiday Safety Tips for Dogs and Cats

French Bulldog Puppy

It’s important to include your pets in all holiday events of December and January, but you still need to be cautious with food and activities. It can take only a second for your dog or cat to get into something they shouldn’t, and then your whole holiday is ruined with an emergency trip to the vet clinic. Many pet owners aren’t aware of all the dangers lurking in seemingly harmless products.

Here are a few holiday safety tips for dog and cats.

Say No to Human Foods

If you have guests staying at your house, be certain to tell them to never ever feed the pets, no much how much they stare or beg. Both dogs and cats should never be eating foods containing onions, peppers, or garlic, but unfortunately, many holiday meals contain these ingredients. Chocolates are also toxic for both dogs and cats. While a cat is smart enough to avoid eating chocolate, many dogs have no willpower and will gobble down that plate of chocolates you left on the coffee table. Instead, buy your pets special pet treats so they don’t feel left out.

Holiday Decorations & Ornaments

Fortunately, most stores no longer sell tinsel, which could block the sensitive digestive tracts of both dogs and cats. Even garland isn’t as popular as it used to be. Instead, opt for beaded garland or something your pet won’t be tempted to play with or eat. If in doubt, hang the heavier ornaments on the bottom of the tree, and keep smaller items up above. Also be aware that holly berries are toxic to pets, so if you choose to have them around your home, hang your garlands high up on the door or wall.

General Household Safety

If you’re having an open house, you may wish to keep the animals in a separate part of the house. This way you won’t have to worry about someone opening a door and accidentally letting out your dog or cat. This also keeps pet safe, just in case someone’s had a bit too much eggnog and isn’t watching where they’re walking. This is also applicable to small children—ensure that hallways are free of shoes or handbags. Have guests store their items in the bedroom so no one can trip over them.

Pet Meds & Treatments

The holidays can be a whirlwind of activity. If your pets need medications or special care or treatments, be sure to write these down in your schedule so you don’t forget. Even better, set your device’s alarm to help you remember that it’s time to do it.

Pets are just as excited as us during holiday time. Be sure to cook some fish, chicken, or turkey just for them, free of spices, salt, or other ingredients. If you don’t have time to spend with them, assign a guest to give them a walk or to brush them.

With a bit of extra attention and planning, your pets will enjoy the upcoming holiday season as much as you do.

Featured image from Unsplash