Five Dog Etiquette Rules to Make a Good Impression on Your Friends and Neighbors

Owner with Dog

You adore your dog and want the whole block to know just how great your canine companion really is. The best way to make a good impression on your neighbors is to practice good etiquette around others. Here are five dog etiquette rules you should know to give you and your dog a good rep.

Teach Your Dog Public Etiquette

Whenever you take your dog for a walk down the sidewalk or spend an afternoon at the dog park, you should be at least aware of how your dog is interacting with others. Oftentimes, we feel like we can shrug off the behavior of dogs—since they are just animals, after all, right? Well, in some ways we expect less from our dogs than we might of other people, but there is no reason why we shouldn’t teach our dogs how to interact with strangers and other animals. The best way to do this is by socializing your dog and exposing them to a wide variety of people and animals. Training them to act polite in each situation will help ensure that they are always on their best behavior.

Use a Leash on Walks

Another way we can ensure good behavior is by keeping our dogs leashed whenever we go out. As a dog owner, you shouldn’t automatically assume that everyone feels safe and comfortable around your dog. Sometimes people can get a little antsy around dogs and can become frightened or upset when a dog gets too close. A leash helps put people’s nerves at ease. If someone wants to meet your dog, be sure to let them approach you first.

Clean Up After Your Dog

The dirty, less glamorous side of being a dog owner is cleaning up after the messes they make. Whenever your dog does its business on the sidewalk, it’s your responsibility to collect the waste and dispose of it properly. This rule becomes even more relevant when another person lets you and your dog into their home.

A mess outside on the sidewalk is no big deal, but a mess in someone’s house can leave stains, and offensive odors. To avoid an indoor mess, keep track of your dog’s potty-schedule and make sure they have relieved themselves before stepping into another’s home. Even then, you should keep an eye on your dog to make sure they aren’t expressing a need to step back outside.

Keep Your Dog Clean & Well-Groomed

It’s a lot easier to make a good impression on your neighbors when your dog is looking clean and dapper. Keeping your dog clean and well-groomed means that they won’t be tracking in dirt, mud, or any offensive odors wherever you two go. It also means that your dog is less likely carrying fleas or ticks that can be harmful to other animals or even people. Regular baths will also significantly reduce the dust and dander your dog carries around, which will leave neighbors with dog allergies saying “thank you!”

Keep Barking Down to a Minimum

Most dogs bark. Some will do it more than others, but nothing can wear down a neighbors’ patience like hearing a dog yap throughout the night. As a responsible dog owner, you should try to keep your dog’s barking down to a minimum. By understanding the reasons why your dog barks and when they do their most barking, you can train them to be less noisy and keep the peace in your neighborhood.

Others will appreciate and respect you for help keeping the neighborhood a safe, clean and quiet place. Your neighbors might not be dog lovers right now, but by being a conscientious owner, they will soon warm up to your dog in no time.

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