Animal Shelters Are Overrun With Chihuahuas

Older Adoptable Chihuahua

Chihuahuas are some of the smallest and cutest dog breeds out there, but the reality is that take care of a dog will always end up being a bit hard.

The reason is simple, a lot of people believe that having a Chihuahua is a fun and trendy thing, but they don’t understand that it can take a lot of time and effort to take care of such a pet. It does make sense to want to get one, but not everybody is ready to do it. You need to know what you are getting into, and that’s why you should consider whether you can take care of a dog before you get him from a breeder or a shelter.

There are lots of benefits you get from having a Chihuahua. This is a very funny dog, and it’s always exciting to be around him. Plus, the results that you can get from the entire experience are very distinct and interesting. It’s important to note that Chihuahuas are overtaking pit bulls as the most prevalent breed in the United States shelters. And that’s a problem because Chihuahuas do need a lot of care and attention, something that some people can’t do.

Movies like Legally Blonde brought in front the idea that most people in LA, especially the high standard ones, should focus on having their own pet. And Chihuahuas were featured heavily in that movie, a sign that a lot of people took literally.

People started getting more and more Chihuahuas, to the point where you couldn’t find any puppy to buy from a breeder or to adopt, but when they realized that Chihuahuas have special needs and sometimes develop health problems they started to abandon them in shelters and rescues.

So, you should consider adopting a Chihuahua as an option to find your new best pal. It makes a lot of sense, and at the end, you are saving the life of an animal which is, as you can imagine, an amazing thing that will take your life to new heights.

Photo from Unsplash