4 Reasons A GPS Collar Is Better Than A Chip

Sniffer GPS Collar

Pup parents sleep a little better at night knowing that their dog is microchipped. After all, it’s been the best way to keep track of your doggo for the last few years. However, the industry is changing, and with new GPS collar technology available, there’s a new question in the industry: Which tech is better for keeping up with my pet?

The big difference between a microchip and a GPS collar is all about functionality: What do you really want out of a dog tracking device? While a chip can help you find your dog, a GPS collar comes with a lot of perks, more updates, and a better overall experience. Here’s how:

1. A GPS collar lets you track in real time, with a device you already have and love: Your phone.

GPS works by bouncing signals off of satellites, it’s really that simple. The same tech that tells you how to get to that restaurant you’ve been dying to try is the same one that’s keeping tabs on your dog. The best part? A good GPS dog collar, like Sniffer GPS, will have its own app. And just like Waze, you’ll get second-by-second updates on where your dog is hanging out — whether that’s in your house or escaping from your yard.

Do you know when a GPS chip comes in handy? When your dog is already lost. A GPS collar doesn’t let them get there, and that’s the REAL beauty of it. It’s like the difference between preventative medicine and waiting until you have the disease to fix it.

2. There are thousands of chips in the market, but only two common chip readers.

There are countless different chips out there (seriously), but only two common chip readers at vet’s offices and rescue shelters. So even if your dog gets picked up and taken to a safe place, it may take multiple days to scan the chip. Or if there are complications with your particular chip, your dog still may never get home. With Sniffer GPS, you’re alerted as soon as your dog leaves the virtual fence you set up, whether that’s your house, your yard, or your car.

3. A GPS collar is easy to put on your dog, and there’s no procedure required.

Have you watched too many rogue robot movies to feel good about installing something in your dog’s body? You’re not the only one. A lot of people don’t feel comfortable implanting something under their pet’s skin. That’s what’s so great about a GPS collar — there’s literally no procedure associated. With a device like Sniffer, you can pop the collar on just like any other, and you don’t even need to remove it to charge. With Sniffer, the solar panels embedded in the collar help recharge the battery automatically every time they go out to play on a sunny day, or for an extra boost, the device charger attaches directly to the GPS collar for charging on the go. Yep, it’s really that cool.

4. A collar isn’t just tracking movement. It’s keeping your dog healthy.

Can a GPS chip help you remember your dog’s medications, like flea and tick reminders? Can a chip track calories, steps, sleep, walk, and play time? Is the chip going to tell you when you need to make sure you and Fido are at the vet for a check-up? These are all things a GPS collar like Sniffer can do — plus more.

With an unmatched battery life (think 30 days without having to charge), high nighttime visibility collar lights, and best-in-class GPS tracking, Sniffer GPS is a high-performing smart collar that lets you access the information you need to truly keep track of your dog. After all, making sure your dog is safe is so much more than just knowing where they are. It’s knowing that they’re healthy and happy, too.

Want to know more about how Sniffer can improve the life of your dog and your lifestyle as a dog parent? Check out all the nitty-gritty Sniffer GPS details here.